Why would you need EFS for Containers?

  • Shared Storage for Containers for High Availability: Useful for long running containers for resiliency and failures. Developer tools like GitHub, Artifactory and Jira need to share resources instantly with all of the containers.
  • Shared notebooks like Jupiter need durable storage for user workspaces for data scientists to collaborate.


  • POSIX compliant file system, therefore applications can access directly the data served by EFS.
  • There will be lots of data sources that would understand how to write to a file system as well. For example, healthcare lab apps, life sciences or machine data in manufacturing. Having a standard interface is crucial where EFS is useful.

Scaling out storage & performance with DFSN for Windows workloads

  • FSx supports up to 64TB file system size. You can scale out this by using Distributed File System Namespace (DFSN) by Microsoft. You can use to group file shares into one common file structure. Up to 10Gbps with millions of IOPS

Support for SQL Server HA Deployments

  • AWS FSx can be used as shared storage across SQL clusters. It can be used for SMB file share.